The Legendary Sky Project

The Legendary Sky Project is an Astronomy North Society education and outreach initiative dedicated to the collection and preservation of northern sky knowledge and heritage in the Northwest Territories. Since 2010, this project has focused on raising awareness of the nature, culture and wonder of Canada’s northern sky and the development of tools to enhance curriculum at the community level.

The first phase of the project (2010-2013) resulted in the establishment of a new northern sky knowledge and heritage database in the Northwest Territories, setting the stage for the development of regional and community-specific learning modules. These modules will aim to promote experiential learning with elders and connect youth to modern and traditional knowledge of the sky with the help of teachers, parents, elders and partners at the community level.

Project Update

As volunteers continue to compile a foundation of knowledge and heritage information in 2014, activities are being undertaken to support the development of community-specific learning modules. Recent project activities include:

  • Website: The Astronomy North Society is upgrading design and content (August, 2014);  
  • Dictionary: Draft text for The Legendary Sky Regional Dictionary is now posted (July, 2014);
  • Research Initiative: A research and learning module initiative is now being planned for the South Slave Region! (June, 2014).